Our Mission

To do things in the right way is part of our DNA

Here at Calistri we constantly search for the excellence in our products and in the relationship we maintain with our customers and suppliers and not last with our employees and collaborators, because we believe that building trustful relationship that last over time brings the maximum satisfaction for all the parties involved and this is the key to overcome any difficulty.

Each ship is a project to share, a goal to achieve, and only with the mutual commitment of all the actors involved the success can be obtained. That's why we are pledged to be partner with our customers rather than mere suppliers.

We join our heritage of mechanics culture to the italian handcraftship tradition, taking care of every detail so that anything will be left to chance.

The push to innovation had always distinguished us: we have been among the first in our region to invest in CNC machines and to endow our engineers and designer with the best dedicated softwares.

We offer reliability and solidity and we are proud to have conquered the market, step by step though our reputation rather than with advertisings.

Our best references are the hundreds of doors and hatches successfully tested, the ten thousands of hours spent in engineering, the thousands of doors and hatches protecting the most beautiful yachts from the waves of the sea.

Choosing a Calistri product means also to adopt part of our philosophy, that's why they are not for all, but just for those that put the same passion as we do.

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