since 1950


The company was founded in 1950 by the experience of the forefather and founder Giacinto Calistri who, from the very beginning, started a workshop building parts and whole machinery for the mechanical-textile industry. Over the years, he designed and manufactured machinery for its customers relating to the most disparate sectors and high precision clogs and gears.

The founder Giacinto was then joined by his sons, Claudio, Sauro and Roberto and under their direction during the booming years of the Ansaldo-Breda group, now part of HITACHI has opened new development sectors to diversify the offer to its customers , from third party parts machines and processing for the railway sector to the building of equipment for food industry.

With the new generation, the third, linked to the names of the offsprings Federico and Paolo, the company has finally landed in the nautical sector, initially with the production of small components such as hinges and latches of various types, then it started to design and build complex and finished products such as watertight fire doors, exterior doors in general, folding ladders, haling devices for tenders and jet skis and many other devices more and more integrated in the yacht design and conquering the favours of the customers.

The high level of specialisation and the has allowed the company to collaborate and later become a loyal partner of some of the most important shipbuilding companies of yachts and mega-yachts.

Currently the company is based in a warehouse of about 1000 square meters and occupies a workforce of 24 people. The constant updating of our CNC machines and the high specialisation of personnel allows us to supply everyday different custom made quality products. Since 2016, the company has also incorporated the design and assembly of advanced electrical panels for its movements and plans now the expansion with the acquisition of new spaces for the light metal fabrication and assembling of the hauling systems and gangways.

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