Our Mission

To do things in the right way is part of our DNA.

Here at Calistri we constantly search for the excellence in our products and in the relationship we maintain with our customers and suppliers and not last with our employees and collaborators, because we believe that building trustful relationship that last over time brings the maximum satisfaction for all the parties involved and this is the key to overcome any difficulty.

Each ship is a project to share, a goal to achieve, and only with the mutual commitment of all the actors involved the success can be obtained. That's why we are pledged to be partner with our customers rather than mere suppliers.

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since 1950

a succesfull story

The company was founded in 1950 by the experience of the forefather and founder Giacinto Calistri who, from the very beginning, started a workshop building parts and whole machinery for the mechanical-textile industry. Over the years, he designed and manufactured machinery for its customers relating to the most disparate sectors and high precision clogs and gears.

The founder Giacinto was then joined by his sons, Claudio, Sauro and Roberto and under their direction during the booming years of the Ansaldo-Breda group, now part of HITACHI has opened new development sectors to diversify the offer to its customers , from third party parts machines and processing for the railway sector to the building of equipment for food industry.

our range


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